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        Zhongkai Chemical

        No. 428, North Area of High-tech
        Park Xinbei District, Changzhou City


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        Dear friends, Kay chemical:


        Thank you for your attention and support of the Chinese Super chemical industry. Very happy to share with you happy in the growth process of super chemical and achievement. Due to the innovation and development, enterprise support and help are many domestic universities and all departments of the Changzhou government, Kay Chemical here said thank you very much.

        Kay Chemical will use their own professional technology intensive, realistic attitude, improving work style, to create their own professional products and professional brand super company.

        Today, emphasizing safety and environmental protection, we will follow the safety first and the idea of environmental protection to create products and manage factories. We must be a sustainable development of green chemical enterprises.

        Here, I sincerely hope that your old friends will always support us and get to know more new friends, and we will provide more perfect products and services for our friends.

        Kay Chemical will adhere to the efforts, with all rivers run into sea mind to bigger and stronger enterprises. I believe that the chemical will become the first super professional brand global imidazole professional products!

        And hope that in future growth, Kay Chemical can get better results to return the society!




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